Giovanni Malaguti brand born in June 2013 thanks to its owner business idea and creativity from who takes the name as well. Giovanni Malaguti is also the owner of the company that produces the collection, the UndiciUndicesimi emilian company. Dedicated to a man who loves adventure but also stylish and sophisticated details Giovanni Malaguti brand makes its distinctive sign from research and sartorial manufacture totally made in Italy. External emiliano laboratories work together with UnidciUndicesimi company and this kind of collaboration guarantees absolute quality, research and details attention thanks to inside company production chain, from paper pattern to collection of sample. Launched at White Milan Fair Giovanni Malaguti had received attention from national and international press and buyer. Principal goals of brand is the conquest of new international market and a style and elegance recognizable feeling.
UndiciUndicesimi S.r.l. Unipersonale
Bologna - Italy
Skype: undiciundicesimi
Tel. e Fax +39 051 864796